Song for Thought

What a week it has been. Earlier in the Cherry Pickin' post, The Buzz detailed the Obama Cut. Below is the transcript from the President's address to Congress. Give it a read while Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes let you know what time it is.

The President's Address to the Congress

Wake Up, Everybody - Harold Melvin and The Blue Notes

The Buzz enjoyed the Obama Cut: Congressional Address Edition possibly more, pound for pound, than the Inauguration Edition. It's tone captured the Democratic ideal while also having a healthy dose of " America's back and you don't want to be standing on the track when the trains coming through" that even had the old boys of the GOP standing in applause at certain points. Given that fact, the GOP's dark knight Bobby Jindal couldn't have hoped to follow that act, even if he hadn't been a complete debacle on national television. 


Now that you've had a chance to decompress, we want to know: What did you think?

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