Some RNC Protesters Say They Won't Vote

Sheryl Huggins Salomon/The Root

(The Root) — Just before GOP vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan took the stage at the Republican National Convention on Wednesday evening, dozens of Occupy protesters demonstrated just beyond the huge security perimeter in downtown Tampa, Fla. Vastly outnumbered by law-enforcement personnel, they nonetheless waged a peaceful rally denouncing the two-party system and corporate greed.

Some were so fed up that they said they would not vote in November. Two young protesters, who would only give their names as Kesha and Ayosha, were among those who said their choices were unacceptable. "There's no one that I want in the chair that's running," insisted Kesha.


However, other demonstrators, like 28-year-old Jason Moody from New York City, said that though he doesn't like his choices, he would still exercise his right to vote. "Voting is the only way we're going to change the system. We've got to get these guys out, these stalwarts in Congress," said Moody.

Hear what Moody had to say about President Obama, and what else Kesha and Ayosha told us, in the video below.

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