Solange Knowles in Spotlight Sans Big Sis

Craig Barritt/Getty Images
Craig Barritt/Getty Images

According to the New York Times, Solange Knowles, younger sister of international pop star Beyoncé, has created her own spot in contemporary culture's sunshine. The professional DJ, singer-songwriter and fashionista is also a single mother of a young son. Knowles, a Brooklyn, N.Y., resident, has established a balance between parent-teacher meetings and vacations in the South of France with her famous family, including her sister and her sister's husband, Jay-Z.

The New York Times reports:  

Instead of pursuing pop stardom, Ms. Knowles has wrapped herself in indie cred — a Pitchfork-approved chanteuse, boldfaced D.J. and fashion ambassador, as comfortable on the party pages of Paper magazine as she is on Beyoncé's Tumblr blog. It's an appealingly spongy zone of celebrity for the 25-year-old …

Some skeptics say Ms. Knowles has curled leftward as a reaction to her sister's pop prominence. Hipster Runoff, a satirical culture blog, described her as an “alt hipster blipster songstress” and wrote last March that “Solange Knowles is on a never-ending quest to find her niche in the indiesphere.”


Ms. Knowles bristles at the accusation. “There's always going to be a bit of mystery as to how two people who grew up in the same household have different interests,” Ms. Knowles said, referring to her sister. “I'm younger than her, and even in five years, there's a total gap in how you're exposed to musical things and fashion and art.”

Read more at the New York Times.

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