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Social Studies: Black People Invented Social Media

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According to numerous internet historians, including Social Media Today, in 1997, a website called Six Degrees was the first social media platform on the world wide web. Then came Friendster, which began in 2002. Then Myspace and LinkedIn burst on the scene in 2003. Facebook emerged in 2004, which begat Twitter in 2006... And the rest is white history.


Now, I’ve never heard of Six Degrees. Maybe the group that sang “When Will I See You Again” added more members and doubled in size. Therefore, if I don’t know about them, they don’t exist. And if they don’t exist, then all the timelines about the history of social media have erased a significant milestone in the history of the internet.

Years before that social media site that you’ve never heard of, there was another website that was essentially a mixture of Facebook and Myspace. It had the first memes and it was the first time you could slide into someone’s DMs. This groundbreaking but conveniently forgotten part of internet history was created by a black man. It had a blackety-black name. It was wider than Wakanda and bigger than Zamunda.


It was called BlackPlanet.

BlackPlanet was founded in 1999. We were doing this social media shit before everyone.

Aren’t we always?

Today’s Karen of the Day is actually a celebrity:


Apparently the woman who is lowkey appropriating an ethnic name (her real name is Elizabeth Woolridge Grant) thinks Beyoncé and Cardi B are oppressing her “culture,” which is apparently the culture of white tears. Luckily, Black Twitter was there to respond:


This still gives me joy:


Here is another angle of that interview:


Here is proof that black people know what’s going on.

Remember when reporter Deion Broxton’s scary ass ran from that buffalo?

Well, this just happened:


And, if there’s any animal you should run from, it’s a buffalo. If reverse racism exists, it can be found in the buffalo community.

If I were a buffalo, I’d hate white people. I know Native Americans hunted them, too, but we all know that Natives used all the parts of the buffalo while people just hang bison heads in their hunting cabins. Do you think those buffaloes forgot what y’all did to their cousins?


Fuck no!

They’re tired of colonizers gentrifying their shit, including “Yellowstone National Park.” Bitch, that’s their grandmama’s house y’all talking about! Keep walking around thinking it’s all good.


We’ll see.

See, white people, you could have been home doing this:


Or studying, like this boy, who might be my favorite person on the internet ever:


Finally, Ben Shapiro wants you to chew on something:


Next week’s guests include Joe Biden and the McMichaels family.

World-renowned wypipologist. Getter and doer of "it." Never reneged, never will. Last real negus alive.

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Black People Invented Social Media

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