The South African Vuvuzela Philharmonic is hopping mad because impromptu soccer matches keep breaking out during its performances. The group is world-renowned for being one of the best large-scale, monotonic wind instrument ensembles in the world and does not take kindly to folks playing soccer during its outdoor concerts. They see it as disrespectful to the performers, the music itself and South African culture. They are also angry that the fans are paying more attention to the soccer than to them β€” and get this, the players too. The World Cup is a football (soccer) match, so people are coming from around the world to see soccer, not hear vuvuzelas. Peep the BBC and ESPN trying to suppress the sound that has been called "annoying" from its television viewers. We get the cultural implications, but it is the world cup, not the Kennedy Center. Perhaps the Philharmonic should grow a sense of humor and realize the World Cup is not about them, but about soccer matches. We know β€” novel concept.