So Serena's Crip Walk Is Controversial Now?


Madame Noire's Brande Victorian strikes back at a black writer who compared the tennis champ's victory dance to making an "X-rated joke inside a church."

I love how black people are wrong for expressing any kind of emotion at all, ever. You'd think Americans would be thrilled that another American — albeit an African American — brought home a victory when Serena snagged her first singles gold medal, defeating Maria Sharapova in two sets during Sunday's Olympic tennis match. But somehow her ode to Compton when she busted out an impromptu c-walk in light of her victory put a damper on the mood for some — unsurprisingly someone at Fox — surprisingly someone black, sports columnist Jason Whitlock.

Addressing the criticism Serena received after she did her dance, and seemingly questioning why she didn't receive more backlash, the columnist wrote in an article today:

“What Serena did was akin to cracking a tasteless, X-rated joke inside a church …

"Serena deserved to be criticized and she should've immediately apologized. Wimbledon isn't the place to break out a dance popularized by California Crip gang members. She knows it. That's why she got embarrassed when asked by reporters to reveal the name of the dance."

Mmmkay Uncle Tom, I mean Jason. Allow me to pull out you chair for you as a proper lady would so you can immediately have a seat and think about the mistake you made with this article.

I love the assumed ghetto-girl commentary he attributes to Serena simply because she expressed 13 seconds of joy over an amazing athletic defeat. Premeditated or not, I don't see the problem with what she did. 


Read Brande Victorian's entire piece at Madame Noire.

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