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In yet another headline ripped from my living room floor after most workdays, rap legend, reggae interloper and ganjapreneur Snoop Dogg took to social media during this week’s midterm election to give the world—and the president—a piece of his mind.


After announcing the urge to “not only go to the White House, but do some gangsta shit,” Snoop gave into his better judgment and rounded up his posse before making his way to a park bench in view of the White House. Then, without a single attempt to play some cuts from Zhane’s first record (for the vibes), or to remember where he put that bowl he bought himself for Christmas that one year when he worked as a bouncer after a random drunk dude slipped him $30 on Christmas Eve, Snoop lit up not one but two blunts to show his disdain for President Donald Trump.

Snoop, who brandished a weapon in a video for Kaytranada’s “Lavender” remix, which featured a Trump-favoring clown, probably didn’t catch any eyes in the Oval Office, not that he would’ve been receptive to hashing out his issues with the commander in chief.


Still, the videos—which do nothing to account for or explain away the glaring lack of passive aggressive texts from nearby neighbors, are a joy to behold.

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