Screenshot of Saturday Night Live's sketch, "12 Days Not a Slave."

Saturday Live tried to poke fun at 12 Years a Slave, the movie chronicling the brutal era of slavery in the United States.

The sketch, "12 Days Not a Slave," features Jay Pharoah, a regular, and Edward Norton, the guest host of the evening. While visiting with his friend, Norton, at an all-white saloon, Pharoah, a newly freed slave, doesn't understand why other patrons are not happy to see him. He goes on to express how happy he is to have his freedom and says he wants to dance. But Norton urges him not to, saying, "Do not let white people see you dance. Once they see you dance, they will try to dance like you." At that point, Miley Cyrus makes a cameo appearance and proceeds to twerk, while wearing an 1860s-styled dress. It was a very touchy subject for a comedy bit.

Watch the video here: