'Slurpee Summit' Catches on With 7-Eleven

'Purple for the People' Slurpee
'Purple for the People' Slurpee

President Obama's joke about holding a "Slurpee Summit," to patch up things between Democrats and Republicans, is being slurped up by parent company 7-Eleven. The company responsible for more brain freezes around the world than any other company likes the idea and is launching a limited-edition, nonpartisan "purple for the people" Slurpee around the concept that the giant frozen drink unites Americans. "Slurpee fans go into the store together and kind of mix their flavors — it has that whole spirit of camaraderie and of bringing folks together," 7-Eleven spokeswoman Rita Bargerhuff told AOL News today in a phone interview. "Nobody is in a bad mood when they drink a Slurpee." "We are not surprised by President Obama's comments about Slurpee, which is nonpartisan and has been bringing people together for more than 40 years," said Joe DePinto, 7-Eleven Inc.'s president and CEO, in a statement today. They must be pumping something else through the vents at 7-Eleven headquarters, because clearly they have not been paying attention to the racial climate in this country. Either they're sipping the Kool-Aid or in a state of perpetual brain freeze. Maybe a Slurpee can bring people together? Dialogue and humanity sure haven't.

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