In his Chicago Sun-Times column, John W. Fountain writes about his nephew who is participating in the Occupy Wall Street protests in New York. He says that while the cause may be sound, he hopes that his nephew will soon get an occupation of his own.

It was a strange number calling from some corner of “Occupy” New York: “Hey Unc!” a familiar voice rang.


“Hey, man,” I said to my nephew.

“Did you get the ticket?” he asked, his enunciation ever prim and proper.

“Not yet,” I said regarding the train ticket he’d asked if I could purchase so he could get home to Chicago for Thanksgiving.


Honestly, as a hardworking man, who believes [every man] should earn his keep, I had some reluctance shelling out dough for a young man — even a beloved nephew — who was chillin’ in the Big Apple, likely waving some sign and singing some song, on a flowery bed of ease. OK, maybe not flowery. But I was thinking, “Dude, get a job!”

Still, I was prepared to buy the ticket, and was waiting to hear back. 

Read John W. Fountain's entire column at the Chicago Sun-Times.

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