'Single Ladies' Season 2, Episode 13 Recap

Raquel (Denise Vasi) and Antonio (William Levy) (VH1)
Raquel (Denise Vasi) and Antonio (William Levy) (VH1)

(The Root) — On last night's episode of Single Ladies, "Still in Love With You," all the ladies had their fair share of ex-boo drama. If Reggie (Mark Tallman) thought that asking April (Charity Shea) to move to New York was a grand gesture that would win her back, then he was probably quite surprised when she told him that she wasn't ready to trust him just yet.

After receiving a box of snakes at her doorstep, Keisha (LisaRaye McCoy) still isn't sure who's stalking her all over Atlanta. She receives a Scream-like phone call basically telling her that karma's a you-know-what, but with the handful of enemies she's made in the A, it's hard for her to pin down who this crazy person could be. At the boutique, Veronica (Victoria Rowell) makes a brief appearance with fashion designer David Meister to handle some business. (She could have a vendetta against Keisha because Ms. Green technically stole Sean from her.) At a gala, Keisha runs into that aggressive club guy, Gil, and he's twice as creepy as he was on their first encounter. Is he her stalker? He seems creepy enough.

Malcolm (D.B. Woodside) and Taylor show up at the gala, too, and it's obvious that Malcolm is drunk. She leaves him to catch a cab, but Keisha steps in, convinces him to get in the backseat and hands a reluctant Taylor the keys.

Reggie's pulling out all the stops to win April back. He Photoshops pictures of them standing underneath the Brooklyn Bridge; shows up to the boutique with a moving billboard saying, "I love you, April. Give us a chance"; and rents a limo to chauffeur her and her girls to a spa for a day. As the ladies relax, relate and release, talking about missing former lovers, we are reintroduced to Ashley, who interrupts their peace and tranquillity to take verbal jabs at Keisha.

"It looks like his desire for a great merger rather than a great love life ultimately won out again," she says. "Plus, Taylor, let's just say it, she's not me. Or even you, for that matter." (Perhaps she's the stalker. Insert a dramatic "dun, dun, dunnnn" here.)

Raquel (Denise Vasi) says that she has finally closed the Charles chapter of her life and is ready to move on. And as if he could hear the words coming out of her mouth, Antonio (William Levy) and his broad shoulders waltz back into her life. He's been in rehab in California to overcome his sexual addiction.

Later that night, Raquel has a super-steamy dream about her and Antonio. (Of course, just before they get to the good stuff, she wakes up.)

April finally agrees to go out with Reggie, and she forgives him for the heartache that he's caused. But she's not ready to commit just yet. To show how serious he really is about her, he gives her a piece of his heart. Literally. He tatted her name on his chest (in Old English-looking typography, no less!).

Omar (Travis Winfrey) takes the ladies to his new boo Parker's stand-up-comedy routine at an Atlanta bar. He seems like he's going to bomb the set, until he starts throwing jabs at Omar's broke-but-willing-to-spend-hundreds-on-designer-clothes financial state.

Later that night, Raquel has another steamy dream about Antonio, complete with waterfalls, sexy underwear and, um, apples and oranges. (Not too sure how those last two fit in.) Although Antonio and Raquel are clearly enraptured with each other, he pumps the brakes and tells Raquel that she doesn't need to jump so quickly into a new relationship. It's clear that she's not over Charles, especially when she calls Antonio by the wrong name. But here's hoping Mr. Levy makes a return in more episodes.

While Keisha's packing up for a romantic Miami getaway with Sean (Terrell Tilford), she receives a call from Malcolm. He's been arrested for a DUI and needs her to bail her out.

"He's got a gang of lawyers and his own girlfriend, for that matter. Let them bail him out," Sean demands. (Right. Right.)

She's the first — and only — call he has, so she feels obligated to pick him up. But Sean's not having it. He storms off (if you can do that sort of thing on crutches) and tells her to forget about coming to Miami.

At April's apartment, she finds out the story behind Reggie's tattoo, and he confesses that he loves her. April suddenly has a change of heart and says that she'll go with him to New York. Something about this seems like a bad idea, but anything can happen in next week's season finale, right? (Or are they writing Charity Shea's character off the show?)

Keisha shows up to the precinct to play Superwoman and rescue Malcolm from jail. But to her surprise, she sees Taylor paying his bail. Malcolm tries to explain, but Keisha walks out before he can even open his mouth. He says, "it's not what it looks like," and we're left curious to know what exactly the real deal is between Mr. Franks and his business part-, er, girlfriend Taylor. If next week's the season finale, then we have lots of holes to fill.

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