'Single Ladies' Season 2, Episode 12 Recap


(The Root) — Last night's episode of Single Ladies, "All or Nothing," seemed to be all about timing. It's been two weeks since Reggie (Mark Tallman) left April (Charity Shea) via text message, and she's still sulking in her apartment in an old bathrobe. But the girls try to cheer her up with a trip to an arcade for some adrenaline-pumping go-cart racing.


In the midst of all the fun, Morgan (Cassandra Freeman) gets cut off by Pierce (Mykelti Williamson), a rude driver who proved to have a bit of rage on and off the road, as he bumps into her while they're exiting the course. But if you thought Williamson was reprising his sleazeball role from Waiting to Exhale, you'd be wrong. It turns out he was just trying to get her attention to ask her out on a date. However, Morgan's turned off by his age, even though everything else seems to be right. More on that later.

Omar (Travis Winfrey) meets Brandon, a really good-looking T-shirt designer at the arcade, and quickly pounces on the opportunity to flirt and look through his portfolio. He agrees to set something up with Raquel (Denise Vasi) to see if she'd like to sell some of his designs. Raquel's still a bit worried about where her relationship with Charles is headed, since they hadn't talked much since their awkward "I love you" elevator moment. So she decides to surprise him for his birthday by cooking him a big meal and buying him a special gift. Keisha (LisaRaye McCoy) decides that she wants to end things with Sean (Terrell Tilford) because she's not so excited about their relationship — or so she thinks.

When they get to the arcade parking lot, Keisha quickly forgets about the heavy conversation she needs to have with Sean when she realizes she's going to need his help. Just like Superman, he swoops in to pick her up, makes her tea, rubs her down, stays the night and even cooks her breakfast. (Swoon! How could she want to leave him?) "I was waiting for fireworks, but it sure was nice to have a warm, steady fire," Keisha tells Raquel.

At the boutique, Pierce shows up to buy a few things and ask Morgan out on a date — again. But she refuses — again. Raquel wins a vintage guitar for Charles on eBay. And Gavin, sexy band leader, brings the guitar to the boutique. He and Raquel get all googly-eyed and enthralled with each other, talking for a few minutes about how he beat cancer and stories from her childhood. They share a magical hug that lasts a few heartbeats longer than normal.

Raquel, April, Morgan and Omar all go out to Gavin's show. Omar invites Brandon and secures a meetup with Raquel at the boutique. Morgan invites Pierce and finally decides to take Pierce up on his date offer, after stalking him across the club all night. Reggie texts April and says he wants to meet up, just as she was beginning to gain a bit of closure. After his show, Gavin kisses Raquel, and she realizes that she doesn't want anyone else but Charles. (Ouch.)

Things start to go well for Keisha, Morgan and April on the date front. Sean takes Keisha to a gun range, and she has such a great time that any thoughts of breaking it off with him go out the window. She even lets him stay the night. Morgan finally goes out with Pierce and enjoys sexy kisses under the moonlight. And although April doesn't technically go on a date, she gets her revenge and stands up Reggie.

Back at the boutique, Raquel agrees to sell Brandon's merchandise, and as Omar details dinner plans, Brandon reveals that he's not gay. Omar's response: "You played me to get what you wanted by making it seem like you were attracted to me. Admit it, you did it on purpose. In my book, pretending to be gay when you're not is just as bad as pretending to be straight." Raquel swoops in and cancels her order from him. No one messes with her Omar.

Raquel puts on a little black dress, spreads out rose petals and pulls out the good wine for Charles' birthday. But as soon as she invites Charles into her apartment, she knows something's off by the look on his face. He blurts out that he got back with his ex-girlfriend. Raquel is shocked, and through tears she tells him that he should follow his heart.

Morgan enjoys spending time with Pierce but realizes that he's ready to jet-set and have fun, while she still has a 16-year-old to raise. They're in two different places in their lives and decide that their timing just isn't right. Reggie shows up at April's apartment, demanding to talk to her and apologize. He says that he freaked out because they were moving so fast. He had received an offer to start a club in New York City. And in a strange turn of events, he asks her not only to forgive him but also to move north with him.

Just as Keisha was beginning to rest easy after her tire-slashing debacle, she receives an unwelcome guest at her front door. She opens a box that looks as if it contains long-stemmed roses but is full of snakes. (Insert obligatory Samuel L. Jackson line here.) Who has this vendetta against Keisha? Is it Malcolm's boo, Taylor? Or Sean's old work boo, Veronica?

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