On Monday, about 100 Black Lives Matter activists gathered at City Hall in New York City before noon to hold protests all day, demanding that Mayor Bill de Blasio fire Police Commissioner Bill Bratton, according to the New York Daily News.

Nicholas Heyward Sr. held a sign that read, "What can we expect from a cop who considers youth a disease?" Heyward's 13-year old-son was killed by police 22 years ago after holding a toy gun made of plastic.


"Police Commissioner William Bratton must be fired," he said.

According to the Daily News, the protesters were demanding an end to broken-window policing, a strategy that cracks down on trivial offenses to maintain law and order. This is a form of policing that Bratton supports and pioneered, and he stated that he will continue to use the strategy.

In addition, the protesters demanded reparations for the victims of police brutality and a defunding of the New York City Police Department.

Read more at the New York Daily News.

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