Mahaj Brown
CBS Philadelphia screenshot

A 6-year-old Philadelphia boy is fighting for his life after he and three men were shot multiple times in the Germantown area, CBS Philadelphia reports.

According to the report, investigators on the scene said that assault-weapon-style shell casings, traced to different assault-style weapons, littered the scene of the shooting, which occurred just before 11:30 p.m. Thursday.


The child's grandparents identified him as Mahaj Brown and said that the little boy suffered gunshot wounds to his groin, leg, arm and abdomen but was awake while being transported to the hospital.

"He just took a lot; his little body was riddled with bullets," his grandmother Delores Melendez told CBS Philadelphia. "I just can't believe it."

Police say that two of the four victims—Mahaj and a 29-year-old man—were found in the front seats of a gray Pontiac. The 29-year-old suffered gunshot wounds to the chest, stomach, both arms and one leg and was also in critical condition, the news station reports.


Two other men, ages 29 and 32, were also shot—one in the arm and the other in the leg—but they are in stable condition.

According to CBS Philadelphia, it is unclear at this time whether any of those shot were involved in the shooting themselves.

“It appears that this was definitely an ongoing battle. There were casings in the street, on both sides of the sidewalk. So it appears that there were multiple armed combatants out here and that they were actively engaged,” Philadelphia Police Capt. Anthony Ginaldi said.


Several houses and vehicles in the area of the shooting were also hit with gunfire.

As CBS Philadelphia notes, this is the second time a child has been shot in the neighborhood this week.

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