Shook: After Cohen Raids, Trump’s Lawyers Reportedly No Longer Want Him to Talk to Mueller

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The FBI raids on Michael Cohen’s office, home and New York City hotel room apparently have Donald Trump’s lawyers so shook, they are now re-evaluating whether or not they want their client to do a sit-down with special counsel Robert Mueller for an interview.


Sources close to the matter told CNN that attorneys for the president had been putting together a proposal about the testimony the president could give to Mueller when news of the raid broke Monday.

The lawyers were reportedly blindsided by the raid and considered it a “major breach of trust” that left at least one of them feeling “fundamentally misled.”


The lawyers were reportedly working on a set list of topics the president could answer questions about in a single interview that could help wrap up Mueller’s investigation, but that plan seems to be off the table for now.

The president’s lawyers are reported to be reconsidering whether their client should testify at all, and at this point, no decisions have been made to that effect.

Asked for comment, White House special counsel Ty Cobb told CNN Thursday that it is “untrue” that the negotiations have stopped, while Trump’s attorney Jay Sekulow declined to comment at all.

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Trump’s lawyers are clowns. They are like 4 year olds trying to fight professional boxers. Cohen’s experience is basically paying off people to keep them quiet. Trump’s team has no experience with federal investigations. They are *way* out of their league. Mueller’s about 50 steps ahead of Trump. Trump’s spent all week sweating how or if he can fire Rosenstein and Mueller, while Mueller’s already factored his own firing into his investigations and nothing will change. Mueller’s probably looking at his watch, thinking, “thought he would have fired me by now. He must be going down path 7B that I calculated. Time to switch to plan 83.”