Shine Bright Like Rihanna: Beauty Mogul Announces Launch Date for New Skincare Line

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No, it’s not a music drop you Navy heathens (why are you even expecting that anymore?), but it is likely to brighten up your day, from the inside-out.


Rihanna took to Instagram and Twitter on Tuesday to announce the July 31 launch date of her much-anticipated skincare line, Fenty Skin (aaayyyeee, payday!). The exact products that will be available for purchase are unclear at the moment, but a video teaser Rihanna dropped on Instagram dropped some clues.

In it, a bare-faced Robyn Fenty applies a beige, creamy face wash that creates a rich, thick lather. The beauty mogul and occasional singer follows it up with a clear serum or essence, which is chased by a blush-colored moisturizing cream.

The skincare line has been in development for at least 15 months, with Rihanna filing a trademark for the Fenty Skin brand, which is an entirely separate entity from her cosmetics line, Fenty Beauty, back in March 2019. She spoke to British Vogue about her skincare aspirations at the time, noting that getting the formulas right was a challenge.

“Skincare, it’s the truth. It either works or it doesn’t,” she said. “There’s nowhere to hide.”

The multifaceted businesswoman, who made waves throughout the beauty industry through her focus on inclusivity, also made clear her new products are intended to be gender inclusive.


“Whoever told you skincare has a gender, LIED To you!” Rihanna quipped to a fan on Twitter, who pledged they would change their name to Robyn if she put out a skincare line for men.


The new skincare line will be available only through the Fenty Skin website at the end of the month. For folks (rightfully) concerned about getting their hands on Rihanna’s skincare magic before it sells out, early access to the products will be granted to people who register their email and phone number with the site.

So sit tight, get your skin right, and just...listen to Anti from now ‘til infinity.

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Rihanna doesn’t have to do music anymore because she is getting her coins from her beauty/skin care brands plus her fashion lines.  Good for her, she is not the world’s best singer but she is a fantastic woman in her other ventures and her makeup is fantastic.  My acne prone skin doesn’t breakout when I wear it and I can get my complexion with no stress I am here for it.