Found this over on Black Voices. All The Buzz can say is "wow" while doing a slow clap.

On this rainy day, only the resolute are in the Energy Fitness Center on Liberty Road in Randallstown, getting in their evening workout. In the corner of the gym, Ernestine Shepherd's attitude lends credence to the adage "age ain't nothing but a number."

Five days a week, she trains women of all ages — three days at Energy gym and two days at her church, Union Memorial United Methodist Church, 2500 Harlem Ave., where she has a class of 25.

"I usually start off with about 15 minutes of cardio, running in place, then we do floor exercises working on the abs, legs, upper and lower obliques and then we proceed with the weights," she says about her training sessions that last about an hour.

With 10 percent body fat, Shepherd is 5-foot-5 and about 130 pounds of inspiration to her clients, many of whom she includes in her routine of walking or running, which begins at 4 a.m. at Druid Hill Park in Baltimore City.


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