A fund has been started for Gay's family. (Google)

News One is reporting that the Rev. Al Sharpton called on mourners at the funeral of Denise Gay — a Brooklyn, N.Y., mom who was killed by a stray bullet as cops waged a gun battle with an ex-con — to "stop the shooting." The activist and media host spoke at the funeral, delivering tough words to attendees.

The blog post states that Sharpton told mourners at Gay's funeral on Saturday, "Somehow you must reach inside you and stand up for what's right." He added, "Whatever the results of the investigation, there's no doubt that you must stop the shooting."


Gay, 56, was killed Sept. 5 on the stoop of her Brooklyn home. Police officers had converged on the block after 32-year-old Leroy Webster killed another neighbor, 29-year-old Eusi Johnson. Gay was hit while cops were engaged in a shootout with Webster. Two police officers were wounded.

Gay's family believes that one of the 73 shots by cops killed her and reached out to Sharpton for help. Police said they have been unable to determine who killed Gay but have ruled out Webster, who was hit twice and survived.


If the assailant Webster is ruled out, then that leaves the police. Where is the regard for the safety of others in a situation like this? Who shoots at someone 73 times while "civilians" are present? There has to be a better way to manage a situation like this so that the potential violence to innocent bystanders like Gay can be mitigated. Shooting and killing the woman may have been accidental, but failing to accept responsibility is unconscionable.

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