"Two wrongs don't make a civil right!"

After the Rev. Al Sharpton's ex and his daughter get arrested for running a red light to get past an unmarked police vehicle, color him perplexed. "How what was apparently a minor traffic dispute ended up with two arrests with desk-appearance tickets is highly questionable and unusual," said Mike Hardy, Sharpton's mouthpiece. "We will pursue all answers in this matter." Yeah, I bet.

Looks like the good reverend would do good to teach his people how to behave when dealing with the police. I wouldn't think dropping Al Sharpton's name in any precinct in New York City would win you many friends. Sharpton's people could have caused an accident, and should pay their fine and apologize to the NYPD. But instead of encouraging them to apologize —because apologies aren't really his strong suit — I wonder if Sharpton will find yet another racial injustice.

Do you think these young ladies were singled out? Or do you think they owe the police and the community an apology for reckless driving?


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