Serial Killer Terrorizing Black Men in Flint

A serial killer has been terrorizing black men in Flint, Mich. His most recent victim is Arnold White, who was stabbed while standing in front of a motorcycle shop. The attacker is said to be a younger, white, muscular man, and all of his victims have been black men. The victims have been in vulnerable positions, often older with slight builds and always alone. Authorities are not assigning a racial motive to the crimes, but there is a pattern in the five men who have been murdered since May. You think? We're not sure why this isn't a national news story, since, if the facts were reversed — knife-wielding young, black man killing older white men — this story would be at the top of the news cycle. We're not sure why race is not a factor in the attacks, but it is in the lack of news coverage. First black women murdered in North Carolina and now black men being stabbed to death by a serial killer in Michigan. We clearly see a pattern emerging here. If the victims are poor and black, then it doesn't matter. Disgusted over here at The Root.

Read more at the Detroit Free Press.

—Nsenga K. Burton


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