Serena Williams Is Looking Like a Goddess for Her Harper’s Bazaar UK Cover

Serena Williams debuted her Harper’s Bazaar UK July cover, on which she looks especially stunning.


On the cover of the issue, slated to hit stands Thursday, Williams is wearing an all-black one-piece swimsuit with a black parka, curly hair styled in windswept gorgeousness, a stunning smile on her face.

“Queen Serena: The Power and the Glory” the magazine’s cover reads.

“Be the Heroine of Your Own Life,” another part of the cover quips.

“Beauty & Strength,” yet another part of the cover touts.

Here’s another cover option featuring the queen, in a black-white-and-red surf suit, beaming gorgeously at the camera.

As you know, there is no stopping Williams, who is on a mission to reassert herself as the best tennis player ever, a mere nine months after she almost lost her life while giving birth to her daughter, Alexis Olympia.

On Tuesday the tennis superstar breezed through the first round of the French Open, beating out Czech tennis player Karolína Plíšková while wearing an all-black “catsuit” (as she called it) that reminded us all way too much of Black Panther’s vibranium-enhanced suit.

The outfit was ... suitable, if nothing else.


Her husband, Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, concurred with that analysis.


So let’s see, on top of being a mom and setting herself up to win championships, Queen Serena also has the time to slay in photo shoots. Is there nothing this woman can’t do?

Goddess, period.

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Some Random Guy

So where’s the article questioning Serena’s Blackness because she married a white man? Where are the article’s on the root pointing out how Black men don’t feel appreciated and feel undervalued because she’s attracted to white men? I mean this happens when a Black man is features on this site who does something good but his girlfriend/wife isn’t Black (other websites too). If articles can question Childish Gambino’s Blackness because of the color of his girlfriend, let’s see the articles questioning Serena as well. But she’s a goddess right? These rules only seem to apply to Black men I guess.

But I’m happy for her though.