Serena Williams (Chris Trotman/Getty Images Sport)
Serena Williams (Chris Trotman/Getty Images Sport)

After watching Danish tennis player Caroline Wozniacki mock Williams' curves, Ebony's Michael Arceneaux explains why he isn't laughing.

Tennis star Caroline Wozniacki likes to try it. During a recent exhibition match against Maria Sharapova in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Wozniacki broke into an imitation of Serena Williams on the court. The Danish tennis pro actually stuffed her top and bottom and proceeded to grunt each time she hit the ball. Those in the audience, including her boyfriend, pro golfer Rory McIlroy seemed to have gotten a chuckle out of the act …

Surely some will accuse us Serena supporters of being a wee bit sensitive. If so, I don't really care because I find that "big butt, waddle, waddle on the court like a damn fool" bit tired. While many have lauded the tennis icon's famous curves, she has also been the subject of great derision for her shape. She's been likened to a primate for no other reason other than she's a Black woman with a stunningly chiseled body in a world where the average star is blonde and lithe. There is nothing funny about such a person who meets the desired 'standard' for tennis player aesthetics mocking Williams' curves.

If you're going to be a comedian, be good at it. It's the least Caroline Wozniacki could do because evidently, stuffing her butt and bra is as close to Serena Williams' career achievements as she's ever going to get.

Hardy har.

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