Second Black Officer Dies in Aftermath of Deadly South Carolina Mass Shooting

Farrah B. Turner
Farrah B. Turner
Photo: Turner Family

A South Carolina woman became the second fatality of the deadly shootout that claimed the life of police officer Terrance Carraway and wounded six other officers in an early October ambush-style mass shooting


According to the State, Florence County, S.C., deputy Farrah B. Turner, 37, succumbed to her injuries on Tuesday following the attack by Fred Hopkins, Jr.

On Oct. 3, Turner arrived at the home of prominent local family attorney Cheryl Hopkins and her husband Fred Hopkins, Jr., a disbarred lawyer, after Turner filed a warrant to question the Hopkins’ 28-year-old son adopted son, Seth Hopkins. When Turner arrived for the pre-arranged interview with Seth concerning allegations of sexual assault on a minor, 74-year-old Fred Hopkins, Jr. opened fire on Turner and other deputies with a pistol and two military assault rifles.

Terrence Carraway, 52, rushed to the scene and was killed as he attempted to rescue his fellow officers from the line of fire. In all, nearly 400 rounds of ammunition were fired in the two-hour shootout and standoff.

Turner suffered a gunshot wound to her leg that required nine surgeries and left her hospitalized since the attack. Aside from Turner and Carraway, Officer Scott Williamson of the Florence Police Department is still in critical condition and Sarah Miller and Arie Davis—both deputies with the Florence County Sheriff’s Office—were released from the hospital over the weekend.


Turner’s uncle, Rev. Herbert Godwin, told WPDE that serving as a deputy was “more of a ministry to help, then it is a job” for his niece, adding: “Her main focus is on helping people, helping children; she loves young people.”

Seth Hopkins was eventually charged with two counts of criminal sexual conduct with a minor and Fred Hopkins, Jr. with six counts of attempted murder and one count of murder. The police recovered 130 guns in the Hopkins’ home after the incident.


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