Sean Kingston Claims Kidnapping by Jeweler in $225,000 Watch Dispute

Sean Kingston in 2011 

In a bizarre case that began with a dispute over a $225,000 watch, singer Sean Kingston claims that his jeweler kidnapped him last week from a downtown Los Angeles parking lot, drove him to a secluded area and threw him out of the car, according to TMZ.

The incident began recently after Kingston bought a $225,000 watch from the unnamed jeweler and made payments of about $185,000 but refused to pay the remaining balance of $40,000 because he didn't think it was worth it, the report says.


In an effort to resolve the dispute, the two met Tuesday at 1:50 a.m. in the parking lot, where Kingston was to return the watch and receive another one worth $185,000.

Kingston reportedly sat in the back of the jeweler's car to hammer out details of the exchange. But instead of trading, the jeweler allegedly took Kingston's watch, refused to give him another, sped off and dumped him in a secluded area, TMZ reports.

Police told TMZ that if the account is true, the jeweler could be charged with kidnapping.

Some social media users were skeptical of Kingston's claim:

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