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A teacher who reportedly used the n-word in a classroom to describe, among other things, her black cat, is back at work at a Central Pennsylvania high school after the school district says it has “comprehensively addressed” the concerns of teachers and parents.


According to Fox 43, a teacher at Susquehanna Township High School in Dauphin County, Pa., was explaining what not to do on a class project when she used the n-word. Students reportedly immediately asked the teacher not to use the racial slur, explaining that it made them uncomfortable.

“Then right after that she gave another example of what her son had said about their black cat and said that the cat was their n-word,” said Zoe Jackson, a student. “One of my other classmates had recorded video and they had shown it to one of the vice principals and the principal told them to delete it,” she added.


After discovering that the teacher had been reinstated after a short suspension, parents and community leaders called for the teacher to be fired while others noted that the word is often used in the context of history lessons and should be ...

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How does the n-word come up during a discussion about a chemistry project or a house cat? Was she explaining how the noble gases tend not to combine with other molecules because they are “uppity niggers”? Does her pet feline balance equations like a “real nigga should?”

“What I’ve heard here tonight is embarrassing,” said Rev. Frank Allen, the president of the Greater Harrisburg NAACP. “America should not be dealing with a Crayola problem in 2018.”

But WHTM reports that the teacher is back in the classroom after the Susquehanna Township School District says it has conducted an investigation and solved the problem.


“The District is aware of allegations that a tenured teacher used a racial epithet during instructional time,” District Superintendent Dr. Tamara Willis said in a statement, adding:

The District can affirm that it has completed an appropriate investigation and comprehensively addressed this matter consistent with its responsibilities under the Pennsylvania School Code. ... Susquehanna Township School District is absolutely committed to ideals of diversity and its expectation is that each student is valued and supported regardless of their race, creed or ethnicity.


The school has not released the name of the teacher, explaining that it cannot publicly comment on confidential employee matters. However, the school insists they are monitoring the situation closely.

The teacher’s cat was not available for comment.

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