Scandal Recap: What in the Huck Is Going On?

Huck (Guillermo Diaz) and Olivia (Kerry Washington) plot to kill Papa Pope. (Kelsey McNealABC)
Huck (Guillermo Diaz) and Olivia (Kerry Washington) plot to kill Papa Pope. (Kelsey McNealABC)

Last week, Jake the Snake dragged (no, literally dragged) Olivia Pope into the woods to show her that Jennifer Fields was still alive. This week, Olivia interrupts a sexy boxing sesh between Huck and his adorable new lady friend, Meg, and summons Huck to some truck stop where Jake left her.


Olivia knows that her father, Rowan, killed Frankie Vargas, and now she wants him dead ... again. Sigh. She’s already asked Jake to kill her father ... and Huck to kill her father. Hell, she even tried to kill him once. Nonetheless, here we go again. Olivia wants Huck to kill Rowan. Huck doesn’t believe that Rowan killed Vargas, but Olivia is certain.

So Huck grabs a gun from his red toolbox—it must be his good gun—and tracks Rowan onto the Metro platform, where Rowan confesses that he shot Vargas to save the woman he loved, and the people following him made him to do it. They—a woman in an orange coat (Sarah) and her friend with a scar—will be hopping off that train in 15 seconds, and they’ll kill Olivia if he doesn’t do what they say.

Like clockwork, Sarah and Scarface hop off the Metro, and Rowan hides until they go search for him upstairs. Now that Huck is a believer, Rowan tells him that whoever is watching Olivia is in her circle.

Huck is suspicious of everyone, so he bugs Quinn Perkins and follows her to the apartment where Jake is holding Jennifer and threatens to shoot Quinn, but she swears she’s just helping Jake get to the bottom of whatever is happening with Rowan. Jake says that Rowan was hanging out with some woman named Sandra, but he hasn’t seen her since Election Day.

Quinn, however, is suspicious of Huck’s new lady friend. She reminds Huck of how he fell for Becky a few seasons ago, and then Becky shot Fitz Grant in the head and left Huck holding the gun. Oh, yeaaah. I almost forgot about Becky!

When Huck gets home, Meg is in his apartment. He forgot he’d given her a key, and now that Quinn has gotten in his head, Huck is giving her serious side eye. But Meg bats a few eyelashes, and it’s all good until her pillow talk includes a request to meet Olivia ... face-to-face ... alone ... so she can get answers about Jennifer.


So Huck asks Abby Whelan, whom we haven’t seen in a while, to let him see Becky in super-security prison. At first Abby isn’t interested, but she perks up when Huck says, “What if I give you some information, like the fact that Jennifer Fields is still alive?”

Huck visits Becky and wants to know how she was able to play him so many seasons ago. Becky becomes emotional, asking him to help her see her dying sister, and Huck is immediately ready to serve. “That’s how I played you,” she says. She asks him which woman is acting all sad and damaged and playing him now. Damn. Remember when we used to call people “simps”? Now we’re just calling them “Hucks.”


So Huck spies on Meg, who’s eating a sandwich on a bench, when Sarah plops down beside her. So he calls Meg and asks her to come over later, and when she gets there, he holds a big, scary needle full of stuff you don’t want in you up to Meg’s face and demands to know why she was talking to Sarah. Meg gets all teary-eyed and swears she’d never met Sarah before and pleads with Huck to look into her eyes and see someone who loves him. Huck looks. He sees. He lets her go. What a Huck.

Later, Huck meets up with Quinn, Charlie and Olivia, and they have Sandra’s dead body in their trunk. They tell him that Rowan killed Sandra and is lying to him, but Huck tells Olivia that Rowan has changed and there are people controlling him. Olivia’s done with the conversation. She instructs Quinn to kill her father and Huck to get rid of Sandra’s body.


Before Huck rolls Sandra’s body into a grave, he slices a microchip out of her neck. Later he decologulates the chip, which plays the footage of Sarah and Scarface threatening to kill Sandra, Rowan killing Sandra, and Sarah saying that they have someone watching Olivia who will kill her as soon as they say the word. By the way, I made up the term “decologulate” because they made up a chip you can insert in someone’s neck that plays footage from last week’s episode. If they can, I can.

Nevertheless, Olivia is wrong (as she frequently is), so she shows up at Meg’s door with Huck and begs her to forgive him. Meg forgives him, and Huck takes her to see Jennifer, where Meg immediately shoots Jennifer dead. Aww, naw!


We cut to a scene where Meg meets with Sarah and Abby and reports that Jennifer is dead. Then we flash back to the scene where Meg shot Jennifer and we see Meg shoot Huck three times and stand over him as he bleeds out on the floor.

Back up. ABBY!?!?



and tracks Rowan onto the Metro platform

Are we talking a real attempt to replicate Metro or the usual wack-ass non-Metro propaganda. I stick by my opinion that of all the shenanigans in this show, FauxMetro is the most egregious to me.