In the aftermath of South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford's extramarital drama, his forthcoming book which was slated to publish in March 2010 by Sentinel, has been canceled in an apparent "mutual decision" by both author and publisher. Sanford was contracted to write "Within our Means," which was described as "a manifesto about fiscal conservatism—why the government needs to spend less and fix the deficit ASAP." Now that we know he shouldn't write anything dealing with any type of conservatism, perhaps he should write another type of book? Tell-all? Redemptive memoir? How to cheat and get caught guide?

Now that she's resigned from her post as Alaska Governor, should Sarah Palin follow Sanford's lead and cancel the publication of her forthcoming memoir? Scheduled to release in 2010 by Harper, the book is supposed to reveal details about her life in and outside of politics from her childhood to the campaign. But will it have the same effect now that she quit office? Or will her resignation add a very small dose of drama to what will probably be an incredibly boring memoir?


Dick Cheney is moving forward with the obligatory memoir that politicians seem to write. According to Publishers Lunch, the former vice president is penning his book with the help of his daughter, Liz. The book will trace his political career since his days working with President Ford, and will reflect on "world affairs, American politics and campaigns, conservative ideology, and the critical events of our era." Hmm, no mention of defending, rationalizing or denouncing his role in a failed presidency. Do you think he'll go there? Yeah, right.

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