Just days before the midterm elections, Salon.com has rounded up the best of the worst political ads for what has been a ridiculously racist campaign season. Salon.com has highlighted John McCain for his memorable "Complete the Danged Fence" ad. And surprise, surprise — Sharron Angle took home three awards for three separate commercials she has attacking immigrants and Harry Reid along with them. Salon.com includes the "Don't Vote" ad produced by Republican political strategist Robert de Posada that encourages Latino voters, who often vote Democrat, to stay home next week. Someone needs to call the "Drop Squad" for Posada and toss him in, right along with Michael Steele and Clarence Thomas. To say that the rampant racism in the political campaigns for the midterm elections has been disappointing is an understatement, but sadly, not unexpected.

Read more if you can stomach it at Colorlines. Check out Posada's ad to "help" Latinos below: