Sadat's Widow: In The Tank

It's not bad enough that people look at President Obama like he's the next coming of Christ, but now, while doing the rounds for her new book, you got widow Jehan Sadat comparing him to her husband, Anwar.

Whatever, man — that's not fair to anyone involved. Obama is no Anwar Sadat.

He has about as much foreign policy experience as a hot dog vendor: maybe less. Even though he is a quick study, I can't see those kind of chops on the come-up. Jimmy Carter really has the best line on the Middle East. I like Obama's approach out the gate, I have to say. But 60 days in, people are giving Obama more credit than he's earned.  Further comparing him to great men who have been gunned down doesn't inspire. Frankly, it just makes me nervous.


The truth is, he can't do any worse. But the bar seems to get higher and higher every week. We shouldn't lower it, but we shouldn't set him up to dissapoint us. But that boat has probably already sailed.

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