Ryan: 'Urban Areas' Won It for Obama

Former GOP vice presidential nominee Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) told Milwaukee TV station WISC-TV and the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel that President Obama deserves credit for winning the election … well, at least for getting record-breaking turnout in "urban areas."

Really? That's what this whole thing boils down to in his mind? Turnout in cities? Somehow, we think — and even the rest of Ryan's party seems to believe, based on the endless analysis that's gone on over the past week — that the explanation for the result of the presidential election was just slightly more complicated than that. And if Ryan's "urban" reference is an awkward and inaccurate euphemism for racial minorities, as some have suggested it is, it's just one more indication that he has no intention of taking an honest and complete look at what went wrong in his campaign.

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