Rush Limbaugh: Michelle Obama Is a Hypocrite on 'Let's Move'

First Lady Michelle Obama flexes her famous "guns."

Fresh from our "Are you kidding?" file, Black Voices is reporting that conservative pundit Rush Limbaugh called first lady Michelle Obama a hypocrite for not personally living up to her "Let's Move" health initiative. How so? Apparently she was spotted enjoying short ribs while on vacation with her daughters. He even had the nerve to critique her physical appearance by saying Obama doesn't look like she follows her own dietary advice.

To add insult to injury, he then said our first lady does not project the image of a woman you might see on the cover of Sports Illustrated or with Alex Rodriguez. And first lady Barbara Bush was?


Limbaugh is clearly losing his sight along with his mind. Has he even looked at Michelle Obama? Her "guns" alone reject his claim that she doesn't look like someone who practices a healthy lifestyle. God forbid she would have a short rib for dinner on vacation. What next? An ice cream cone.

What Limbaugh fails to realize is that people who are actually in shape stay that way because taking care of their bodies is a daily commitment. They can afford to splurge occasionally, especially on a vacation, because they will ultimately return to their workout, health and nutrition regimen. But you would have to work out and have a healthy lifestyle in order to know that.

It is clear by Limbaugh's appearance, which has yet to land him on the cover of any magazine for his "healthy" lifestyle, that this may be a concept that is foreign to him. We won't even get into his attempt to reinscribe dominant standards of beauty onto our first lady. Not only is it colonial and shallow, but that critique would need to come from someone who actually satisfies any category of beauty, dominant or otherwise, and that is not Mr. Limbaugh. Limbaugh's latest attack on the first lady reflects the real ugliness inside of him, not the hypocrisy of Mrs. Obama.

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