Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Gawker was the first to notice that Mitt "It would be helpful to be Latino" Romney looked a little bit on the unnaturally dark-orange side during his Univision appearnce earlier this week. We really wanted to believe that it was just the lighting, as opposed to something that came from a bottle and/or what some speculated was an attempt to better connect with the station's Hispanic audience.

On Friday, Univision explained that what was actually to blame was not an attempt at cultural connection but an overdose of MAC Studio Fix powder and foundation by a (visually impaired?) makeup artist on staff. From the New York Daily News:

A makeup artist apparently went at the candidate with a heavy hand ‚ÄĒ prompting some speculation in the liberal blogosphere that the Republican had applied some self-tanner before the event on Hispanic issues.

"Mitt Romney dyed his face brown for his Univision interview," was's take on the Republican's swarthy complexion.

But Univision, which spoke to the cosmetologist in question, has found that the culprit was simply some MAC Studio Fix powder plus foundation in shade NW30 ‚ÄĒ perhaps a bit too aggressively applied.

Univision News managing editor Fernando Vila noted on Twitter that there is "no evidence of foul play" in the selection of Romney's powder.

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