Romney's '47 Percent' Gaffe: No Knockout Punch

Nicholas Kamm/AFP/Getty Images
Nicholas Kamm/AFP/Getty Images

Devona Walker, writing at the Burton Wire, is not convinced that the leaked video of the GOP candidate means the end for him.  Democrats shouldn't forget about the issue of voter suppression, she warns.

Many say Mitt Romney lost his bid for the White House yesterday, but I am not too sure.

A videotape was leaked to Mother Jones in which Romney admits to something many of us already knew about him: He could not care less about 47 percent of the population.  In his opinion, 47 percent of Americans are victims, who are dependent upon government benefits, don't pay taxes and have no apparent interest in "taking responsibility or care for their own lives."

By yesterday evening, Romney came out with a "pseudo" apology, conceding his wording was "inelegant." But he essentially stood behind the sentiment …

Here's the really big reason why Democrats should not take their eye off the ball — the Republicans, largely due to Citizens United, have the most intense and brutal ground game we have ever seen: Huge amounts of outside and entirely secret money combined with the most massive voter suppression campaign in U.S. history.


Read Devon Walker's entire piece at the Burton Wire.

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