TMZ is reporting that Rodney King, the man at the center of the police beating that sparked civic unrest in Los Angeles in 1992, was cited for driving without a license on the day before the 20th anniversary of his infamous beating.

Police in Arcadia, Calif., received a complaint about a man driving recklessly in a green Mitsubishi Tuesday afternoon, and when they located the vehicle, King was the driver. King was pulled over for making an unsafe lane change and admitted to driving wihtout a license. He called a friend to drive him home.

What is the likelihood of being pulled over by police officers the day before the anniversary of perhaps the most famous police beating in modern American history? King has been plagued by substance abuse and run-ins with the police over the years. It would seem that with all that he suffered, he would do anything possible to not be pulled over by the police. Admittedly, driving without a license is not a good look for King — or any adult, for that matter.


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