Jackyl featuring hip-hop legend DMC

Jackyl is a rock band out of Georgia that recently released a video for its song 'Just Like a Negro.' The song is somewhat of a cover of 'Like a Negro' by Mother's Finest, a multiracial funk-rock band out of Atlanta (the outfit was all black when it recorded the song). Jackyl's version is from its latest album, When Moonshine and Dynamite Collide. The video is actually an update of the tune that appears on the album, which now features DMC of Run-DMC fame. The song's lyrics have been tweaked to call for unity. We prefer the Mother's Finest version of the song. Even though Mother's Finest rocks hard, they did one of the best covers of the R&B classic "Love Changes" — ever. As for Jackyl, some are questioning whether the song is a nod to rock-and-roll's black roots and a call for unity as the Caucasian band claims it to be, or a bigoted joke. You be the judge.

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