Roberto Alomar's Wife Accuses Him of Knowingly Exposing Her to HIV

Roberto Alomar
Roberto Alomar

According to BV Sports, former Major League Baseball player Roberto Alomar and his wife, Maria, are battling in a divorce court. Maria claims that her husband knew he was HIV positive and had unprotected sex with her anyway. According to the New York Post, Alomar, who is considered by many to be one of the best second basemen in history, "knew prior to his first sexual contact with (her) that he was HIV positive," said the former baseball great's soon-to-be-ex-wife. Maria also affirms in the filing that he did not tell her about his condition and he outright lied, stating, "He had been tested for sexually transmitted diseases, and the tests were negative." Alomar had another suit filed against him last year by an ex-girlfriend. Ilya Dall filed a reported $15 million lawsuit in January of last year against Alomar for having unprotected sex with her while knowing he was HIV positive. Shortly after the lawsuit was filed, Alomar issued a statement responding to the allegations by saying he was "in very good health" and that the lawsuit was "filled with lies." The Dall case was settled just five months after it had been filed. Ironically, Maria, who was his then girlfriend, stood by the baseball player, calling Dall's accusations lies. Now she is claiming the same thing. We find it interesting that this story has not been elevated in the national media, especially since the World Series is currently taking place. Knowingly withholding one's HIV status from a partner or spouse should bring criminal charges, not just civil claims.

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