'Road Rage' Cop Who Fatally Shot Delrawn Small Fails to Make Bail

A New York City police SUV in 2016
Raymond Boyd/Getty Images

The New York City police officer who is facing murder charges after fatally shooting a civilian during an off-duty road rage encounter is on his way to jail because he could not raise the $500,000 bail set by a judge Tuesday morning, the New York Post reports.

According to the Post, the judge ruled 37-year-old Wayne Isaacs a "flight risk." Isaacs was not able to make his bail, which was set at $500,000 bond or $300,000 cash, after the state attorney general's office pointed out that the cop had "ties to another country," as well as a Guyanese passport.


Isaacs, therefore, will be held at the city's Rikers Island jail complex under terms of an order from Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Alexander Jeong, according to the Post.

The cop was indicted Monday on charges of first-degree manslaughter and second-degree murder in the July 4 fatal shooting of Delrawn Small.


According to the Post, during Isaac's 20-minute court appearance, Assistant Attorney General Joshua Gradinger slammed him for Small's killing, which he called a "brutal, deliberate act, where this defendant fired not one, not two, but three shots into an unarmed man."

The Post reports that the relatives of Small were pleased when court officers handcuffed Isaacs and led him to a holding cell.


Isaac's defense lawyer Stephen Worth, meanwhile, argued that saying the killing was wanton is "ludicrous," adding that he would use surveillance footage "to prove [his client's] innocence."

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