Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele says there's no beef between the Republican Party and the Tea Party. Apparently they are fighting for the same issues. He says, in fact, that the Tea Party will help Republicans. Perhaps it is the way some Tea Party members are fighting for the same issues. Steele, at a stop on his "Fire Pelosi" bus tour, spoke to approximately 100 GOP supporters in Rock Hill, S.C. On Wednesday his tour stopped in Raleigh and Fayetteville, where he was joined by 8th District Republican Harold Johnson. He urged Republicans to "take it to the streets" this fall. Really? That sounds like a Tea Party line — oh, and the Doobie Brothers. Is that self-preservation that we smell, or Steele's attempt to bridge the growing divide between the two political organizations? Could it be R&B legend Cameo that we hear singing in the background? Steele seems to be "talkin' out the side of his neck," which isn't new. Tired, but not new — sort of like trying to pretend that something that is a really big deal, like this beef, isn't a big deal at all.

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