Rihanna's Turn

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I'm sure glad singer Chris Brown was on Larry King to stand accountable for his role in the IPV incident between him and his girlfriend Rihanna. Now, given reports (if TMZ counts)  that she was the instigator, I'm waiting for Rihanna to be charged with domestic violence so she can do her turn on CNN too. I'm glad Christ Brown was made to stand up and answer for his behavior. But demonizing Chris Brown isn't the answer. I think both parties have to be made culpable.


What alot of people don't know is that when two parties are involved in an assault, both parties can be and often are charged separately — the state doesn't need the cooperation of either victim. We have evidence that Rihanna was pummeled, and we also have court documents that say she assaulted Brown first … so why hasn't the state brought a case on her?

Sadly, some couples communicate primarily with violence, and Chris and Rihanna sound like one of those couples. There are various reports floating around that they used to fight all the time, and it always got physical. We need to make them both an example. Unless both of them are held responsible for thier actions— given that we know that women often hit men first — nothing is learned here. We have to teach that violence is not acceptable in a relationship from anyone.

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