Rihanna Takes Lady Gaga's Facebook Crown, and More

Rihanna (Getty Images)
Rihanna (Getty Images)

Rihanna takes Lady Gaga's Facebook crown: Guess who's now the most popular artist on the social networking site? (Gaga's still winning on Twitter, though.)

New Orleans police confirm murder-suicide: Nadia Braxton left her pastor a phone message on Tuesday, the same day that police say Braxton, 29, shot and killed her three daughters — Kayla Peters, 12; Nayah Peters, 1 1/2; and Nyla Peters, 6 months — and then herself in their home at 3821 E. Louisiana State Drive. Kenner police have concluded that she was dealing with severe depression.

A chat with the only black Apprentice winner: Dr. Randall Pinkett told the Defender Online that Donald Trump asked him, "How can I be a racist, when I hired Randal?" His response: "Donald, you've got to be kidding. There have been 11 Seasons of The Apprentice, and I'm still the only person of color ever to emerge victorious."


Mathew Knowles takes Beyoncé and Live Nation to court: The former manager of Destiny's Child is now standing accused of stealing from the very daughter whose career he started, the Atlanta Post reports. He claims that the management company had the most to gain in having him ousted from Beyoncé’s career and is responsible for persuading her to hire a law firm to conduct an audit of her finances.

In other news: US Recognizes Libyan Rebels as Country's Legitimate Government.

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