Robert Griffin III and then-fiancée Rebecca Liddicoat at Redskins Park (Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)

Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III married longtime girlfriend Rebecca Liddicoat Saturday in Colorado, according to the Washington Post. Although he hasn't released any information about the ceremony, the Post was able to search out a few details through social media.

The groom: Wore a blinding white suit with white shirt, vest and tie.

The bride: Well, it looks like she wore your typical big white dress. Alas, this was the one wedding where no one was paying as much attention to the bride, at least judging from the photos posted on social media, which are remarkably groom-centric. Update, July 9: Okay, thanks to the makeup artist, finally we have a bridal photo of Rebecca Liddicoat.

The wedding party: The men, in dark suits, wore hot-pink vests and ties, according to this photo from Griffin’s high school pal William Mallow, that matched the bridesmaids’ off-the-shoulder pink cocktail dresses. At least five attendants on each side, judging from this photo. Griffin’s dad was his best man, Liddicoat’s sister her maid-of-honor. Griffin’s mom also wore hot pink.

Guests: A few hundred, including Redskins owner Dan Snyder and several others. Dan Steinberg has a lot of the key names. (Here’s a gallery with more.)

The rehearsal dinner: At Coach Mike Shanahan’s Denver steakhouse, of course.

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