Report: Chris Brown and Frank Ocean Brawl

Chris Brown (Getty Images)

With superstars Frank Ocean and Chris Brown, the potential for conflict over homophobia, musical one-upmanship and Twitter bickering is limitless, as demonstrated in various "misunderstandings" since 2011 that the two eventually smoothed over. But you don't have to know anything about the public personas, groundbreaking revelations about sexuality or anger-management issues of the singers to understand the story behind their latest reported battle.

Guess what caused their "brawl" this weekend, according to TMZ? A simple parking spot. One interesting note about the otherwise mundane celebrity conflict: According to this initial report from Rolling Out, at least, it seems as if Ocean and his entourage were the aggressors. Not the scenario most would have imagined. And this might just be the first time we've ever heard "Chris Brown" and "tried to defuse the situation" in the same sentence.

Brown was at the venue listening to an artist that he represents, and as he was preparing to leave, he was blocked in his parking spot by Frank Ocean's crew. An unnamed source claims that Ocean said, "This is my studio, this is my parking spot."

Apparently, Brown tried to [defuse] the situation by going to shake Ocean's hand. But a member of Frank Ocean's entourage attacked Chris. When the fighting ensued, one of Brown's friends then attacked Ocean's associate.

Ocean then physically confronted Chris Brown and the two started fighting each other. Police were then called to the scene.

The two stars have a very contentious history; going back to the summer of 2011 when Brown tweeted what Ocean interpreted as an insult. "I f—k wit Frank Ocean! Reminds me of a young James Fauntleroy or Kevin Cossum," Breezy posted at the time, to which Ocean responded: "i f—ks wit chris brown, reminds me of a young sisqo or ike turner."


Read more at Rolling Out.

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