Replay, Revisit, Reject: Did the Long Weekend Give Way to Better Music?

Rapper Dej Loaf, left, Takeoff and Quavo of Migos, R&B singer Teyana Taylor
Rapper Dej Loaf, left, Takeoff and Quavo of Migos, R&B singer Teyana Taylor
Photo: Mike Coppola (Getty Images), Pascal Le Segretain (Getty Images), Jamie McCarthy (Getty Images)

We get it: With everything going on in the world, it can be difficult to carve out time to discover new music. Industry-pushed tunes that you may not even bang with like that could also get in the way of you finding something that tingles your consumer taste buds.


While new tunes are usually released throughout the working week, a majority of new material drops on Fridays. As a music fiend, I’ll be here to help you dig through some crates, in order to make things easier on your energy and your ears.

With this long weekend (and hours of being indoors), there were a few things helping me get by. When I wasn’t watching Uncut Gems on Netflix, I was digesting some new sounds that would have been perfect for the true summer kick-off, Memorial Day. However, there were a few duds as per usual, so if you’re down, check out a few songs you may want to add to your rotation.

“Need It” by Migos featuring YoungBoy NBA

The track, which features a sped-up sample of 50 Cent’s “Get In My Car” from Get Rich or Die Tryin’, is surprisingly decent given the slim pickings of actually-well-done rap songs in 2020. Leave it to the Migos for knowing what’s up and what works.

“Open Up” by Umi

Umi’s falsetto is a lot stronger than most, and her lovely voice fits well with the entertaining beat. The song itself sounds like something H.E.R. would perform, which is truly never a bad thing.


“Trap or Cap” by Young M.A.

My respectability politics and feminism usually go out the window when I hear a Young M.A. song. She has such a talent, confidence and machismo when it comes to rapping, I barely shudder when I hear her lyrics because I am so convinced by what she’s saying. This time around, some of my favorite non-toxic lyrics include “yeah I’m humble, but I got different sides, so, aye, don’t act surprised.” Talk that talk.


“Made It” by Teyana Taylor

I. Just. Want. Teyana. Taylor. To. Come. Up. With. Her. Own. Stuff. So many of her songs (although I enjoy them for the most part) are directly from others (this chorus borrows from Juvenile’s “Back Dat Azz Up”). I know she’s capable of more. This song comes off as a bit flat in general, so that certainly doesn’t help. Thank goodness the heartwarming video—which features a virtual graduation and TikTok-esque clips featuring members of the graduating class of 2020—saves it.


“No Passes” by Dej Loaf

I haven’t heard much from Dej Loaf in so long that this was a real bad re-introduction. Her voice is annoying, the beat is basic, and the delivery of her bars is lackluster. The lyrics itself pertain to (what I believe) is an homage to a fallen friend and how violence is not the answer. But then, it switches gears and discusses “baggin’ bitches.” I really don’t want to have to listen to the song again to understand what I’m missing, but overall, it’s a no from me, dawg.


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