Readers React to T.J. Holmes Article

I would like to comment on TJ Holmes article entitled "Stay Alive, Black Men, Stay Alive". It mirrors the mindset of an article published by CNN this morning, which was appalling, insulting, and promotes the step and fetch mindset. We do not have a problem, the cops have a problem. Anyone should beware of the cops, especially Black men, but we have a right to simply BE without fear of bigots and what they think of us and the color of our skin. The CNN article ask Black parents to request their kids dress and act a certain way in public and around police dates back to the Jim Crow era when Blacks could not walk on certain sides of the street or drink at certain fountains or look at white people the wrong way.

There is no way I am going to, nor have I ever, told my 3 Black sons to not wear hoodies or go certain places; and yes, they have been stopped by police for nothing and already know how to act. They have a right to go anywhere they want. This is a free country, to hell with what white

bigots think and act toward our children. When we all stand before God, He is not going to ask me why I wore a hoodie or why I asked what I'm being pulled over for, he is going to ask the bigot why he killed an innocent person or a child who wore a hoodie.

I launched a campaign against that video and CNN as well as called them and demanded they take that mess down, and am going to do the same against publishers of such uncle tom theories. I hope you can see where I'm coming from.  CR Hamilton


Surviving will never be my goal. I want to live this is not The Walking Dead. Saying u just want to survive is to live in fear. I will go about my life the right way and whatever happens happens. I have had my life almost taken from me. I know u can live to survive and still be killed so I live to enjoy life not survive. Dwayne Young

Yes, you need to be alive to stand by your principles, Dead is Dead. Liz Wright

Yes agree 100% Dawn Hutchinson

I have a Black son, Danton Cunningham, He has been stopped for walking in San Diego Ca. It is important to me that he gets home alive every night. Luckily, as the nation knows, San Diego police officers are more interested in trading sexual favors with white women. There goes my fun in the GasLamp quarter of San Diego. Kimberly Cunningham

If the words, "should be" are used, then, no, I do not agree … the number one goal of the black man SHOULD be happiness and security, like the rest of the people in the country … Unfortunately it IS the number one goal, in spite of that old and tired stupidity that continues to be thrust upon them. John Nichols

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