Raymond vs. Raymond

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We all know art tends to imitate life, but does that mean we should all know every intimate detail about the demise of Usher Raymond’s marriage? At this point, it’s no secret that the R&B singer and his estranged wife Tameka have filed for divorce. This past weekend, the Internet was smoldering with speculation about feuds the ex-couple was having over custody of their two young sons. And just last week, Mr. Raymond released the single “Papers” – off of his forthcoming album, “Raymond vs. Raymond.”


With lyrics like, "I done damn near lost my mama/ I done been through so much drama/ I done turned into the man that I never thought I'd be/ I'm ready to sign them papers,” Usher lets us all in on why he’s looking at the front door. He even offers a little moral support for listeners who may be experiencing their own marital trouble with lyrics like, “Fellas, if you had enough and you’re ready to sign/Say ready, ready, ready, ready" and, “All my ladies, if you're sick and tired and you're ready to sign/Say ready, ready, ready, ready…" Misery loves itself some company.

In an age where some folks break up on Facebook, it doesn't surprise me that a talented R&B singer would decide to make a record about his divorce instead of just writing about it in his journal. I almost even felt sorry for Usher by the end of the song when he whines, “Don’t wanna leave, but you leave me no choice, girl.” Still, I wonder if putting marriage drama on blast like this fair to the better, I mean “other,” half who might not have the vocal chops to record a response.

I wasn't one of the people doing the electric slide at their rescheduled wedding, but I suggest Tameka Raymond end her marriage with the same enthusiasm it finally began with two years ago, by hiring the best voice coach she can find and recording a response. Even if she can't sing (there's technology to help with that), something tells me sharing her own $.02 about what went down in her marriage would be so much more therapeutic for her than writing another essay for the Huffington Post, going off on Twitter or keying up his car. Maybe that way, she'll get over Usher — and maybe he'll finally get over himself, too.