#RappingWhileBlack: Neighbor Calls Cops on Black Man After Hearing Him Recite Jay-Z Lyrics

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Screenshot: TMZ

We can add reciting Jay-Z lyrics to the growing list of things black people must refrain from doing after a Tennessee man found himself at the center of an armed police confrontation and quickly realized that he had 99 problems and his neighbor accusing him of domestic abuse was one.


According to TMZ, Davon Eddington was having a beer in his Spring Hill, Tenn., backyard, talking with his brother about the Los Angeles Lakers’ newest superstar LeBron James, insisting that he would not become a Lakers fan overnight.

“He was like, ‘You’re already a Lakers fan!’” Eddington told TMZ in a video. “I was like, ‘I got 99 problems but a bitch ain’t one.’”

Eddington says he walked around to the front of the house and discovered police with their guns drawn. The police eventually told him that his neighbor had listened in on his conversation and called the authorities, alleging that Eddington was beating his fiancee, who was upstairs taking a bath.

A police report obtained by TMZ shows that Eddington’s neighbor called 911 after hearing him cursing outside in his yard, informing the call operator that Eddington said he had “99 problems and this bitch at [sic] one.”

Eddington says that the cops told him it was a misunderstanding, but he says that this isn’t the first run-in he’s had with the neighbor, even though he’s never met the man personally.

“Maybe he doesn’t want me in the neighborhood,” Eddington theorized.

Police did not press charges for domestic abuse. Authorities would not say if Eddington was also being investigated on charges of Big Pimpin’ or a criminal conspiracy involving Money, Cash and/or Hoes.

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This is completely insane.

These people need to start getting fined for false-alarm calls to the cops.