Racists Ruin a Perfectly Good 'For Sale' Sign With Racial Slur

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All a Jefferson County, Ala., couple was trying to do was sell a damn house, but in what’s become an everyday occurrence in Trump’s America, racism wouldn’t let them be great.


From AL.com:

An interracial Jefferson County couple was shocked to find one of their realty company signs defaced Wednesday morning with a racial slur.

Jeremy and Gina Miller were alerted about the slur on one of Jeremy Miller’s signs outside a home on Bessie Lane in the Trussville area.

The ‘For Sale’ sign was spray-painted with the words “NO NIGGERS” in large white letters.

Well damn. With the hard “r” and everything.

Naturally, the Millers, who are realtors, were less than pleased at this discovery and had a few things to get off their chest in response.

“It hurts. I mean we hear stuff, but I just brush it off,’’ Jeremy told AL.com. “I’ve never seen anything like this. This has never happened. [...] I will laugh in the face of adversity but when it comes to protecting my wife and children, that’s different.”

Gina, who was brought to tears by the defaced sign, added, “Honestly, I just felt sad for the person who did this. It’s extremely disappointing that in this day and age, this is all you have the time to do.”


The Millers, who have been married since 2006 and are expecting their sixth child, have no idea what racist asshole vandalized their sign but noted that their company, Local Realty, has caught plenty of heat due to its penchant for charging six percent less than its competitors.

“We are successful, but we don’t care about that. We’re just trying to treat others the way we want to be treated,’’ Jeremy said. “We try to serve people. We just care about people.”


To that end, it’s clear that their community cares just as much about them. Marian Anderson, a friend of the Millers, left the following message on social media, according to AL.com:

Jeremy and Gina are a rockstar couple that are doing great things for Birmingham. It’s a shame these things still happen with so much forward thinking.

Gina I’m sorry our house and sign were used for hate towards you and your family. They should be ashamed of themselves!

To the person who wrote this, you failed. All it showed was how small minded you are and why you are where you are. Hateful people are not successful people.

#stopthehate #millerandcompany #loveoverhate “

The couple has yet to file a police report, but intend to do so after seeing if the crime was captured on home surveillance footage. They’re also unsure if they’ll pursue criminal charges, but for the time being, the Millers have left the sign up.


“I’m disappointed in people, that someone would take so much time to hate and hurt,” Jeremy said. “I would want them to know we were merciful to them when they were not merciful to us.”

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Yes...They Are Real!

“...has caught plenty of heat due to its penchant for charging six percent less than its competitors.”

I’m guessing it’s the interracial marriage the vandals have an issue with.