Skinheads participate in a neo-Nazi rally by the far-right National Front on April 7, 2001, in England. (Sion Touhig/Newsmakers)

The Mail is reporting that a biracial girl was subjected to monkey taunts by members of the far-right National Front in England after she accidentally stumbled into a meeting at the social club in Liverpool where her parents planned to hold their wedding reception.

The seven-year-old had gone with her parents to a social club in Wavertree, Liverpool, to book their wedding reception but inadvertently walked into a room where 14 far-right activists were discussing group tactics.

The yobs turned round as the girl walked through the door, and as soon as they saw her began shouting: 'F*** off back to where you come from' and started making monkey noises at her, it has been claimed.

The bewildered girl's mother who is white and father who is from Sierra Leone pulled the youngster out of the room and reported the incident to police.

Enquiries revealed the yobs had taped over CCTV cameras at Wavertree Cricketers Club, but some footage has been recovered by police and is now being studied to identify the culprits. 


Read more at The Mail.

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