Racists Have Finally Gone Too Far: Tina Turner Mural Defaced With ‘Swastika’

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Police in Asheville, N.C., are investigating a truly heinous crime. The most abominable of offenses. The most dastardly of evil deeds. Some Nazi bigot vandal has spray-painted an off-brand “swastika” over a mural of none other than legendary “Queen Of Rock and Roll” Tina Turner.


That’s right, some cowardly, bologna smelling, stiff line-dancing, clapping on the one and three and a half, wet-dog kissing on the mouth, empty spice cabinet having, “Hey, what’s this wash cloth thingy for?” no account has disrespected Mrs. Anna Mae herself.

According to Huff Post, the beautiful, eight-foot-tall mural was painted on the outside wall of Static Age Records, a popular record store in downtown Asheville. The perpetrator not only desecrated the piece, but they managed to do the wrong thing incorrectly. Even with it being such a simple, stick figure-like design, this Third-Reich-reject painted three of the four swastika arms backwards, pointing counter-clockwise instead of in the intended clockwise direction. It’s almost as if Nazis aren’t very smart.

All of this boils down to one question: But, why though?

WTF did Tina do? What egregious offense did the 12-time Grammy Award winner commit against white nationalism to prompt such vengeance? Has she formed an underground Justice League with Cicely Tyson, Serena Williams, Michelle Obama and the ghost of Etta James to foil the neo-Nazi insurgence? (That may or may not be a graphic novel I’m working on.) Has she gone back in time to smother baby Hitler in his crib? Has she stolen all their tiki torches? What’s hate got to do ... got to do with it?

Whatever the reason for this despicable act, I hope the culprit is brought to justice. I hope whatever gods we believe in bare down on them mercilessly. May Yeshua, Allah, Zeus or Angela Bassett rain down fire and brimstone on them.

This injustice shall not stand.

Zack Linly is a poet, performer, freelance writer, blogger and grown man lover of cartoons



These pieces of white trash want a Civil War, they got one. All your confederate participation trophies are in danger. It’s long time for those pieces of shit to be how do I put this given a new shade of paint.