Racist Sprint Customer Says She Has ‘Mixed’ Kids and She’s Not Racist

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Last year a white student at my son’s high school called a black kid a slave. When my son came home to tell me what happened, I decided to look the kid’s mother up on my community’s Facebook page to inform her about her son.

After I told the woman that her son goes around calling black kids slaves, the woman immediately replied that there’s no way her son could be racist because she has a “mixed” baby by a black man.

After that statement, I knew my convo with the woman had ended and was pretty much pointless. After blocking her on Facebook, I said a prayer for the mixed baby because her older brother is racist AF, according to some of the other students at the high school.


Well, apparently the racist white woman who went on a tirade at the Sprint store in Manassas, Va., last week wants the world to know that she has “mixed” kids and isn’t racist.

Tiffany Cormier, the woman who called a Latino man who was trying to help her a “spic,” was identified last week, and she is married to a Latino. Cormier took to her Facebook page to tell the world how she is misunderstood.

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But let’s not act as if you can’t be racist and also be married to someone of a race or ethnicity you despise. Hell, I’ll take it one step further and bring up the fact that maybe he likes or allows her to call him a spic as a form of foreplay. Because we all know that exists, too.

In any event, the world now knows Cormier’s name. The world also now knows she’s trash. Karma will work itself out.


Those poor mixed kids.

Bye, Kinja! It's been fun (occasionally).

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Monique Judge

LMAO. Ellen Pompeo tried to use this same argument with me on Twitter. “I’m not racist! My husband and kids are black!”